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Two Wheels, Two Words…True That!

By - March 8, 2012

Two wheels will always keep you rolling. But when they fail to be true, two words can really make up the difference.

During a recent kids bike safety rodeo at Patterson Park Rec Center, things were not rolling perfectly. We had more than 60 kids show up at our after school bike rodeo, a free event hosted by Bike Maryland. But the bikes were an hour late, and the kids were restless!

Katie and I did try to entertain the group as much as possible, being the good Bike MINDED coordinators that we are. But try explaining how to strap on your helmet safely, how to check the A, B, C’s of your bike, and how to ride safely following the rules of the road when the entire audience just want to ride. That video we presented of the guy wearing his helmet backwards did little to draw a chuckle from the group.

But finally, when the windowless room’s humidity reached indoor swimming pool thickness, we heard the truck and trailer pull up out back. YES!

The bikes arrived! Some of the kids rushed outside to help us unload, and it was two-wheeled game on.

Chaos aside, rodeo course cones managed to get set up on the indoor basketball court, including the little stop sign. Tires pumped, helmets correctly strapped, and selected rides were straddled.

One last-second rush trip to the trailer outside to lock things up, and I noticed the key had broken off inside the padlock. Geez!
Then I heard the two little words: “Thank you”.

I turned around a saw a little boy around 8 years old standing alone on the sidewalk. He said the two words again, but louder and added, “My mama told me to always say that.”

I just smiled and thought, two wheels may keep you rolling, but when all else fails, those two words really keep you going!