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2017 Legislative Agenda

2017 Legislative Agenda


SB0338/HB0578 Pedestrian Hybrid Signals

Senator Manno/Delegate Kramer

Requiring the driver of a vehicle to obey a pedestrian hybrid signal in a specified manner; establishing a specified penalty for a violation of the Act; establishing that specified provisions of law relating to traffic control signal monitoring systems apply to pedestrian hybrid signals; establishing the manner in which a pedestrian or bicyclist is required to obey a pedestrian hybrid signal

SB0337/HB0527 Use of Crosswalks

Senator Manno/Delegate Kramer

This legislation is in response to two deaths where the Matthew Henson/Rock Creek Trail crosses Veirs Mill Road in Montgomery County.  As a result of our petition of over 1000 signatures to Governor Hogan, the Maryland State Highway Administration explained why they could not install pedestrian-activated stop lights resulting in legislation to address this critical issue.

The bills were introduced and hearing dates were quickly set.  We have less than 2 weeks.  We need to go all out on these bills.  Our members should email their senators, particularly those on the committee and ask them to support the legislation.  We are working on getting friends of one of the victims to testify.

SB142/HB0192 Task Force to Study Bicycle Safety on Maryland Highways

Senator Zirkin/Delegate Lafferty

Creates a needed Task Force to study Bicycle Safety on Maryland Highways. This needed task force brings together cyclists, motorists, law enforcement, local governments and state agencies to study issues such as design, needed legislation, and funding.

Our senate hearing on Wednesday, 1/25 went well. The chairman wants this bill. Bike Maryland presented a letter with more than 500 signatures to demonstrate that we have support across the State without clogging inboxes and phone lines.   Read Bike Maryland’s testimony here.

The House hearing is Thursday, 2/9 at 1:00 p.m. in the Environment and Transportation Committee.

HB11 Causing Diesel Emissions to Discharge onto Another Prohibition

Delegate Lam

Prohibits coal rolling.

 This legislation passed the House last year and since passage, the sponsor, committee chairman, and leading opponent were all coal rolled.

This hearing went very well; there was no opposition.  We are fortunate that the Chairman, Delegate Barve and Delegate Flanagan were victims of coal rolling since last session. The bill passed the House last year and we expect it to again. Once a date for a Senate hearing is set, we will ask everyone to repeat their testimony.

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