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Traffic Signals

Inductive Loop Sensors

Many Maryland intersections have inductive loop sensors to sense traffic queuing for the green light. A properly placed bicycle, in most cases, will be able to trigger the sensor, allowing you to proceed with a green light in very little time.

The City of Redmond, Oregon has a short video to illustrate how a bicyclist can trip these inductive loop detectors.

Inductive loop detectors come in various styles, but a good practice for all is to align as much of the metal on your bike over the groves as possible. North Carolina Bicycle Education has a great write up about the different shapes and the most effective placement of your wheels here.

Video Sensors

Video sensors are those little white cameras that we see next to the traffic signals. These are not there to catch red light runners but are instead a new way to detect traffic queuing in the lane. The cameras are aimed at the center of the lane, so the best way to be detected by these is by positioning yourself in the middle of the lane when you are the first vehicle to stop.

They Didn’t See Me!

If the traffic signal does not see you please inform the jurisdiction that controls the signal so it can be fixed. That traffic signal may be old or may be experiencing technical difficulties.