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Survey Request: Biking to Campus; Jumping the Hurdles

By - November 12, 2014

From the research team at Morgan State University:

You are invited to participate in a survey of students, faculty, and staff in colleges and universities in the Baltimore Metropolitan Area.  This survey is conducted by a research team from Morgan State University.  The objective of the survey is to identify barriers of bike-to-campus.  Your responses will help us to understand your concerns on biking, and find desirable policies to overcome hurdles and improve rate of biking.  Completing the survey would take about 10-15 minutes.  This survey is completely voluntary.  There is no risk associated with your participation.  Your responses will be anonymous and confidential.


If you have any questions or you are interested to know about study results, please contact:

 Maryam Sheykholmolouki (mashe6@morgan.edu)
 Kaveh B. Kelarestaghi (kabak2@morgan.edu)
 Seyedehsan Dadvar (sedad1@morgan.edu)
 Dr. Safieh Laaly (safieh.laaly@morgan.edu)

Bike Survey Flyer