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Happy 30 Days of Biking!

By - April 1, 2015

Happy 30 Days of Biking, Maryland!

Pledge to ride your bike every day between April 1st through 30th, no matter how far or where you are going! You can join the national movement and hop on your bike in this ever-seasonal month! We could get snow, we will definitely get rain, and we can all feel happy that consistent warm riding weather is around the corner. Keeping spring and summer riding in mind, Bike Maryland wants you to be ever comfortable and stylish so we have a campaign to unload inventory and raise funds for pro-bicycling initiatives!

All month long, when you buy ANY Bike Maryland merchandise you will get a 1-year FREE Bike Maryland individual membership. A $30 savings! Choose from the Orange Wicking Shirt, Maryland Pride Jersey, or the Ride Urban, Ride Rural Jersey. Your membership will be automatically updated, no further action is needed on your part after the merchandise purchase is made. Notification that your membership is updated will be sent within 48 hours.

Perks of being a Bike Maryland member include:

  • Opportunity to get our MVA Organizational license plate promoting the 3-foot law
  • Year round representation on the state and local level for pro-bicycling legislation and infrastructure initiatives
  • Instant the camaraderie with the ever growing Maryland bicycling community
  • Free shipping on
  • Special recognition at ALL Bike Maryland events