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License Plate FAQ

How much does the license plates cost?

The MVA charges $25 per vehicle for Bike Maryland license plates.

Does Bike Maryland receive any of that money?

The $25 goes directly to the MVA, no part of it goes back to Bike Maryland.  We are offering the Bike Maryland license plate as a supporter benefit, to promote the Maryland three foot law and to encourage Bike Maryland support.

I have temporary tags, can I get Bike Maryland license plates?

You must already have license plates with a current 1 or 2 year registration in order to get Bike Maryland license plates.

I have handicap plates, can I get Bike Maryland license plates?

There is not a handicap version of the Bike Maryland license plate.  You could order a Bike Maryland license plate and use your handicap hanger.

I have personalized (vanity)  plates, can I get a personalized Bike Maryland license plate?

Unfortunately, the MVA does not offer the option to get a personalized Bike Maryland license plate.

Are Bike Maryland license plates available for trailers?

No, the MVA doesn’t offer organizational license plates for trailers.

My car is registered in another state but I love the plate, can I get something like it?

Many other cycling advocacy organizations have license plates.  Check with the organizations in your state.  A list of cycling advocacy organizations state by state can be found here.

When I get my Bike Maryland license plates, do I get new registration stickers?

Yes, but the new stickers have the same month and year as the stickers on the plates you are replacing.  You are not restarting your registration.

What numbers and letters will be on the Bike Maryland license plate?

The alphanumerics on the license plate will consist of the letters ‘BN’ followed by four numeric digits.

Is ‘BN’ an abbreviation for something special? 

We have spent countless hours trying to come up with something clever but in the end the answer is no, ‘BN’ isn’t an abbreviation for anything.  The MVA presented us with a limited set of choices for a two letter prefix and ‘BN’ was the closest we could get to something that sounded like ‘Bike’.  If you have a suggestion for an expansion of the ‘BN’ abbreviation, we are certainly open to ideas, send us suggestions through our contact page.

update:  The number one suggestion from Bike Maryland supporters for the ‘BN’ abbreviation is ‘Bike Now’.  Other suggestions include:

  • Bike Nation
  • Bike Nut
  • Be Nice

My favorite number is 2732, can I get that number on a Bike Maryland license plate?

The MVA doesn’t honor requests for specific numbers.  The license plates are issued in the order that the applications are received by the MVA.

I just filled out the form on the Bike Maryland website but I haven’t received the email with the PDF form for the MVA, how long does it take?

Form submissions are processed manually by a Bike Maryland volunteer, you should receive your form within will 1 business day.

Can I get pick up my Bike Maryland license plate at an MVA location?

The MVA full Service Office in Glen Burnie does have Bike Maryland license plates available for pick-up from time to time. Before going to the MVA in Glen Burnie to get your plates, call the MVA in Glen Burnie to verify that they are in stock. You will still need to bring your VR-124 form.

What do I do with my old plates when I receive the Bike Maryland license plate

You are responsible for returning your old license plates to the Maryland MVA when you receive your new license plates.  You can:

  • Return them in person to any MVA branch office, including express offices.
  • Return them to any MVA authorized tag and title service.
  • Drop them in one of the MVA license plate return drop boxes. Currently, drop boxes with 24 hour access are located at the Baltimore City, Columbia, Gaithersburg, Glen Burnie, and Salisbury offices.  Drop boxes are available during normal business hours at the Essex office.
  • Mail them to the Glen Burnie MVA office. Sending them by certified mail with return receipt requested is recommended.

More info can be found on the Maryland MVA site

Can I get one for my bicycle?

No, the Bike Maryland license plate is only available for motor vehicles.  Engineers and scientists at Bike Maryland Labs have spent hundreds of hours working on a bicycle edition of the Bike Maryland license plate, fabricating versions using carbon, aluminum and titanium.  Sadly, they were unable to create one that would live up to the high standards of Bike Maryland supporters.

Sample License Plate on bike