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Volunteer Membership Program

Bike Maryland is financially supported by individual and corporate sponsorship. While financial support enables Bike Maryland to advocate for improved biking conditions biking across the state, but the number of members also gives a greater voice to impact those conditions.  Therefore, Bike Maryland will provide avenues to membership which do not require financial support.  Volunteer assistance is critical to the success of Bike Maryland’s mission.  Bike Maryland provides four ways your membership costs can be waived through volunteer efforts.

  1. Bike-Minded Program– assist with the planning or implementation of 4 Bike-Minded programs
  2. Event Support – Bike Maryland is invited to attend more events than the current staff level can manage.  Participate in 4 events, which may include tabling, commuter workshops.
  3. Street Team – participate in Street Team efforts for one year by actively promoting Bike Maryland events in your community which includes posting flyers, social media promotion, event set-up or take-down
  4. General Volunteer – There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work that keeps Bike Maryland rolling. Hang out with Bike Maryland staff to answer phones, make calls, updates memberships, do research or whatever mission-critical tasks are needed around the office. (Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to clean the bathroom)

To become a volunteer membership, please email Bike Maryland at