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MTA Bike Racks are a Breeze!

By - February 24, 2015

Bike Maryland is partnering with MTA to help educate commuters about the ease of using the bike racks that are mounted to the front of each and every MTA bus.

MTA has fabricated one (two more to come very soon) mobile bus bike rack that is mounted to a lightweight aluminum frame that can be disassembled and fit into the back of a station wagon.

One of biggest complaints heard from commuters about the MTA’s bus bike racks is that people feel that they won’t know how to use them quickly, and will hold up the bus if they try to figure it out and mount their bike.

This mobile rack is the answer!  Commuters can walk up to the display rack with their bike, lower the rack from it’s upright position, and learn to mount their bike without the stress of traffic and other commuters.  That’s it!  Lesson learned!

The newly confident bike commuter can now go on their travels with the knowledge that they can easily and quickly mount their bike to any one of MTA’s busses.  Knowledge is power!

Bike shops, universities and bike-friendly businesses around the entire Baltimore Metro area can do a huge service for their customers, students and employees by hosting one of these racks in a place where a bike commuter can easily access it.

If you would like to schedule an MTA bus bike rack display at your school or business, please email Brian Kopp, Education Coordinator for Bike Maryland at to set up delivery and training.